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K2 DIVERSIONHey rider, here you find in summary all you need to know about the new K2 DIVERSION HELMET of the 2018-2019 season. The right compromise between beautiful, functional, full of quality and undemanding: SPOILER it's not me but the Diversion which also has a perfect sound system to listen to your favorite Cardi B Hits while you whizz through the snow without worries. I'd like to tell you that you can try bowling with trees but sure he stays cool while the helicopter comes to get you.K2 DIVERSION HELMET Thenew DIVERSION is K2 's top quality UNISEX HELMET. Its list price is 179,99 euro but only on Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/documento.jsp?documentoid=2331>best price guarantee. If you liked this helmet take a look at all the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/casco-63.jsp>helmets similar to the K2 DIVERSION or have a look in the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/paraschiena-75.jsp>back protector category.Choose your gear and come try it out with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's snowcamps!!!
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