Sigma Sports Watch/Pulsur SIGMA PC Red

CZK 1,041.00 - CZK 1,987.30 (včetně poštovného a balného)

Vlastnosti a technické detaily

Sigma PC 15.11 Sports Watch in Red The reliable Sigma PC 11.15 is your partner and friend when you use it in everyday life and for training. It quickly delivers your results and gives you the many information on the go. The watch measures your heart rate, number of calories, timekeeping and lap times. In addition, it calculates the average, max and min of the relevant information. The Sigma activity clock has the Zone indicator function which allows you to take a closer look at your intervals and optimize your training. Features Basic. Date. O'clock. Backlight. Button sound on / off. Training display. % of training in zone. Number of laps. Number of calories. Zone indicator. Lap times. Training time in the selected zone. Max heart rate. Stops. Current pulse. Average heart rate.
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