SACC-M 8MS-4QO-0,5-M - Sensor-actuator connector M8 4-p SACC-M 8MS-4QO-0,5-M

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EAN: 4046356515924 - Hersteller-Artikelnummer: SACC-M8MS-4QO-0,5-M - Contact version Pen, For cable outer diameter 2.5..5 mm, Type of housing just, Rated current In 4 A, Ambient temperature -25..80 °C, Rated voltage 30 V, Overvoltage category II, Pollution degree 3, Material of the contact coating Nickel, Material of the housing Plastic, Degree of protection (IP), mounted IP65, Min. number of mating cycles 100, Shielded no - SACC-M 8MS-4QO-0,5-M
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