Green People No Scent Baby Lotion (150ml)

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Featuring organic hemp, calendula & aloe vera the Green People No Scent Baby Lotion is a three in one organic baby lotion. Massaging, moisturising and cleansing little bottoms this natural cream is especially formulated for delicate, young skin. Containing herbal ingredients to protect and heal sensitive skin, the Green People Dry Skin Baby Lotion promises to calm and soothe baby’s skin. Certified organic and free from parabens, lanolin, phthalates and artificial perfumes it is the purest moisturiser nature can offer. Green People use recyclable packaging that is non air freighted. Containing only the purist natural and organic ingredients hand made in small quantities, they ensure you receive the products as fresh as possible. These products are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Directions of use: Use just enough to allow your hands to smoothly slide over baby’s skin. Massage with gentle stroking movements. Blot off excess.  
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