Tangle Teezer Pet Teezer De-Shedding Dog Grooming Brush - Blue 

CZK 476.32 (včetně poštovného a balného)

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Pamper your pooch with the Pet Teezer De-Shedding Dog Grooming Brush brought to you by Tangle Teezer. Perfect for double-coated dogs, the brush is expertly crafted with patented two-tier teeth, promoting an effective and simple experience for you and your furry friend. The de-shedding brush is designed to brush fur right down to the undercoat while the shorter teeth help to target loose hair. The polymer teeth are gentle as they work through the fur, helping to reduce the risk of burn and irritation. This easy-to-clean tool is suited to breeds with light shed, featuring de-matting action to help detangle knots for a smoother coat.