GLOV Mommy and Me Set

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Schedule in an at-home spa day with your mini-me. GLOV presents the Mommy & Me set of matching cheetah-print hair wraps for mum and sprog. Crafted from a super-absorbent material that won’t damage or tangle even the most fragile hair types, the trendy turbans help significantly cut down on drying time and promotes a smoother finish with minimised frizz. You can even wear them while you apply hair treatments or to keep tresses out of your face during cleansing or beauty rituals. A handy accessory for anyone, particularly those with long or thick manes, these hair wraps are ideal after trips to the beach or swimming pool. Suitable for all hair types. Set Contents: 2 x GLOV Hair Wraps  
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GLOV Mommy and Me Set

841,64 Kč
= 726,41 Kč + 115,23 Kč
Nabídka aktualizována : 18. 8. 2022

Glov Mommy and me Set Cheetah Set 1 kus

897,00 Kč
Nabídka aktualizována : 18. 8. 2022
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