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VOLCOM VS 3L STRETCH GORETEX BIB OVERALLHey rider, here's everything you need to know about the VOLCOM VS 3L STRETCH GORETEX BIB OVERALL.3L isn't the section you flunked out of in high school, it's the three gore-tex layers of these tsunami-proof bib shorts (you don't have to look for the Thetra storm to test it) that offer top-of-the-line breathability and waterproofing. It also has a warm and sufficent inner layer of padding to ensure you have a dry and warm session. Just don't over-pad your thighs with tights/tights/boots as you risk sweating like a ham while getting cooked. VOLCOM'S VS 3L STRETCH GORETEX BIB OVERALL PANTThe VS 3L STRETCH GORETEX BIB OVERALL is a kick-ass WOMAN 'S PANT by VOLCOM. These dungaree-style pants are designed to keep snow out as much as possible on extreme powder days, as well as when you're just sitting on your butt after an unwanted backcountry run. The fit of this garment is tighter than average so choose it if you are a true stylish rocker! Normal padded garment, suitable in most cases and perfect for winter temperatures that are around and below 0. The Gore-Tex outer layer guarantees the highest level of waterproofing on the market today. Wind, snow and water will no longer be your problem. Simply the top! Its list price is 559,99 euros but only on Fresh Farm you can find it with the biggest online discount and you have the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/it_it/best-price-policy>best price guarantee. If you liked this pant take a look at all the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/it_it/snowboard/abbigliamento-snowboard/pantaloni-snowboard.html?family_filter=6471>pants similar to the VOLCOM VS 3L STRETCH GORETEX BIB OVERALL or have a look in the <a href=https://www.freshfarm.it/it_it/snowboard/abbigliamento-snowboard/giacca-snowboard.html?family_filter=6471>jackets category.Choose your gear and come try it out with Farmily at one of Fresh Farm's <ahref=https://www.freshfarm.it/it_it/snowcamp>s nowcamps!!!
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